“A real miracle of technique with a never reached precision. Great expectations are obviously posed into him.“ ( Die Süddeutsche)
“Paolo Oreni proved as a true magician. His improvisation was not the only impressive one, but also the Mozart’s, Listz’s and Prokofiew’s Transcriptions – by him all by heart played – were extraordinaries and didn’t miss at brilliance, precision and musical expression strength. This man is a Sensation.” (Dortmund Konzerthaus, Online Music Magazine)
“Expressive and impressive play. …In the Mozart’s Adagio and Fuge KV 546 Oreni put the differents voices in a so good way, that the more Strings Instruments for which the work was originally composed, were sightbar under our imagination’s eyes. …It seems fast that an angry Zeus apparead in the church.” (WAZ Oberhausen)
“High-sense Organ Concert. …imagination full Improvisator… The sixty minuts get so as in plane….His technic, his fingers’ velocity, his precision and his artistic dimension… Oreni is a 1. Class Concert Organist.” (Memminger Zeitung)


The Süddeutsche Zeitung describes him as a “young promising talented Italian artist, a miracle of skill with phenomenal precision that is still unreached”. Paolo Oreni was born in Treviglio in 1979. At the age of 11 he begins to study organ and organ composition with master Giovanni Walter Zaramella at the music institute “Gaetano Donizetti” in Bergamo.

With the help of scholarships from the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg, the Municipality and the Cooperative Bank of Treviglio, he continues his musical studies at the National Conservatory of Luxembourg from 2000 onwards. There he wins his first prize in 2002 in the international competition “Prix Interregional-Diplòme de Concert”, a prestigious Central European Diploma.

He collects valuable influences of different masters of international level, in particular from Jean-Paul Imbert and Lydia Baldecchi Arcuri, with whom he deepens and expands his organ and piano repertoire. Crucial to his training is the encounter with master Jean Guillou, at who’s several masterclasses he participates. By this masterclasses he played the big organs of the Tonhalle Zurich and the Church of St. Eustache in Paris (Stiftung für internationale Meisterkurse für Musik).

He wins various international competitions. In June 2004 he receives a “mention d’honneur” at the international competition “Ville de Paris”, where 60 organists from all over the world took part.

He played as a duo with musicians of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Scala Theater in Milan, in chamber music ensembles and symphonic orchestras (Gaetano Donizetti Orchestra of Bergamo, Symphonic Orchestra “laVerdi” Milan, Jeune Orchestre of Paris, Orchestra Haydn Bolzano, Symphonic Orchestra Zurich, Bochum Symphony Orchestra , Wiesbaden Symphony Orchestra, …) and continues his intensive activity as a concert organist, during which he regularly performs at the most prestigious international music festivals in Italy, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Spain , Portugal, Finland, Norway, Albania, Israel, Poland, Romania, Malta, the Czech Republic and the Canary Islands.

He registered a CD for the french record company Fugatto on the Bossi Organo of Cremolino, for ORGANpromotion at the Rieger Organ of Reutlingen and for the municipality of Salorno in South Tyrol at the Pirchner Organ. Various concerts have been registered and transmitted by european radio broadcasters, including the famous Bayrischer Rundfunk at Munich.

Since 2006, he has regularly been invited to hold masterclasses on improvisation and repertory playing (from Bach to contemporary music) in the Archdiocese of Munich, at the renowned international Akkademie des Domes of Altenberg and in various German cities. In addition, he is often called as a jury member at national and international competitions.

As an organ expert, he works in collaboration with various European organ builders to plan modern pipe organs. These collaborations result in various instruments, e.g. Santa Anastasia Church in Villasanta (Monza), Santa Maria delle Grazie al Naviglio (Milan) and the Church of the Brotherhood of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria in Paternò (Sicily).

He has also designed his personal concert organ, called Wanderer, which is currently the largest existing transportable organ.

Paolo Oreni